Serving EEOB, MCSB, UCR Natural Reserves, and Stem Cell Center

Room Reservations

Read Policy & Procedures before submitting your request
  • Rooms Available for Reservation

    The following rooms are available for reservation:

    Room Name Location
    EEOB Room  
    The Darwin Room (EEOB Conference Room) Spieth Hall 1239
    The Moore Room (EEOB Conference Room II) Spieth Hall 3365
    EEOB TA Offices (Office Hour Rooms) Life Sciences 1434 A, B, C
    MCSB Rooms  
    MCSB Conference Room Life Sciences 2550
    Biological Sciences (BSB) Conference Room (1st floor)  BSB 1103
    Biological Sciences (BSB) Conference Room (2nd floor)  BSB 2101
    Biological Sciences (BSB) Conference Room (3rd floor)  BSB 3101
    MCSB TA Offices (Office Hour Rooms) Life Sciences 2510, 2515


  • EMN Room Reservation Policy
    • Room reservation requests must be approved prior to using the requested room. For security and maintenance reasons, no unauthorized use is permitted.
    • Rooms are not intended for regularly scheduled courses or classes. In rare cases, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Department Chair. However, no guarantee can be made that a course/class request will be approved by the Department Chair.
    • Rooms are to be used for the Department/Unit and University functions only.
    • The use of these conference rooms is a privilege. All users are responsible for ensuring that the room is clean and secure upon leaving. The last approved user will be held responsible if the room is left in an unacceptable state, and if items belonging in the room are damaged or missing.
    • Requests are received and reviewed in the order they are submitted in the system.
    • Requests are usually processed within one business day.
  • EMN Room Procedures - How to Reserve a Room
    1. Use the Facilities Reservation System (FRS) to request a room reservation.
    2. Enter the meeting Date.
    3. Select EEOB or MCSB from the “Facility Owner” drop down menu.
    4. From the “Facility” drop down menu, choose the room you would like to reserve (from list of available rooms above).
    5. Choose a start date and time from the calendar screen and complete the “new request” form.
    6. Hit submit to send the request form for approval.
    7. The system will provide you with a request confirmation number; you can log back in to Facilities Reservation System (FRS) to check the status of your request by clicking on that number.
    8. You will receive a request confirmation e-mail from “CHASS Facility Reservations.” You can click on the link in the e-mail or log in directly at Facilities Reservation System (FRS) to check status on your request. Alternatively, you will also receive an e-mail confirming or denying your reservation request.
    9. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your request, please contact the EMN Administrative Staff at or call (951) 827-5903 for assistance.
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