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The mission of the EMN Administration is to provide excellent financial and administrative support to the Departments of Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology (EEOB), Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology (MCSB), the UCR Natural Reserves, and the Stem Cell Center, which perform research, teaching and community outreach.


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CNAS Science News


peas in a bowl
Black eyed peas could help eliminate need for fertilizer
Black eyed peas’ ability to attract beneficial bacteria isn’t diminished by modern farming practices, new UC Riverside research shows. Planting it in rotation with other crops could help growers avoid the need for costly, environmentally damaging fertilizers.
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UCR scientists discover tarantula-killing worm
UC Riverside scientists have named a newly discovered species of worm that kills tarantulas after American actor, musician and producer Jeff Daniels, a distinction no other entertainer can claim. 
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Unusual team finds gigantic planet hidden in plain sight
A UC Riverside astronomer and a group of eagle-eyed citizen scientists have discovered a giant gas planet hidden from view by typical stargazing tools. 
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JWST mirrors
How the Webb telescope could ultimately help protect Earth
UC Riverside astrophysicist Stephen Kane breaks down some unique aspects of the James Webb Space Telescope, explains how separate Venus projects intersect, and how both might benefit Earth. 
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