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Key Requests

  • Facilities is now charging $25.00 per key/fob
  • Terminating Employees or graduated students must return all keys and/or fobs before leaving their positions to the EMN Front desk staff or PI/Supervisor.  (If PIs/Supervisors receive keys/fobs from terminating employees or students, please turn them into the EMN front desk as soon as you receive them).
  • If EMN does not receive keys/fobs back from terminated employees, then PIs/Supervisors will be charged the $25.00 fee to replace each key/fob.
  • If EMN runs out of existing stock on lab key(s) and/or fobs that PIs/Supervisors request for new personnel, they will be asked to provide an unrestricted FAU to purchase new copies.
  • UCR keys may not be copied through an outside source.
  • No one may place a lock on a UC Riverside facility, interior or exterior, that is not part of an approved UC Riverside system without the permission of Facilities Services and campus Access Control.
  • UC Riverside reserves the right to change locks, keys, and access levels as needed


Effective 10/5/2022, follow the steps below to submit a request for keys/fobs for your students, staff, lab personnel and volunteers.

Complete the google request form for your personnel to obtain keys. The form will automatically collect your email address with your CAS login, which will serve as your approval. Process steps are listed below:

THIS FORM IS NOT FOR TA KEY REQUESTS. Please see instructions on how to request TA keys on EMN Instructor Guide

Key request Form

  1. Enter your personnel's information along with the building and room number(s) you would like them assigned keys/fobs for.
  2. Upload their "Laboratory Safety Fundamentals" certificate if requesting keys/fobs for lab space.
  3. Submit request.
  4. Once you have submitted the request, the personnel you are approving keys for will receive an email to schedule a key pick-up appointment through FRS.

Replacement Key Request Form

Please contact if you have any questions, thank you.

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