Serving EEOB, MCSB, UCR Natural Reserves, and Stem Cell Center

EMN Administrative Unit Guide

  • Financial & Administrative Officer

    Sherice Underwood / Contact: or x25902 / LSP 2740

    • Manage the administrative operation for EEOB, MCSB, NRS and Centers
    • Establish departmental goals and manage all HR, Finance and physical resources
    • Manage systems and procedures to protect the departments’ assets and provide leadership in the management of financial, personnel and student affairs
  • Front Office Team

    Front Office Team Email:

    Tara Pastucha

    Procurement Specialist & Front Desk Supervisor

    Aaron Chavez

    Administrative Assistant

    Katrina Preciado

    Administrative Assistant

    Robin Heathcoat

    Administrative Assistant

    Contact: or x25937 / LSP 2805 Contact: or x25903 / LSP 2710 Contact: or x26043 / LSP 2840  Contact: or x25903 / LSP 2710


    • Answer main EMN phone (x25903) and general requests
    • Handle incoming and outgoing mail, FedEx shipping requests, Multimedia Technologies requests, Fleet vehicle requests, seminar announcements, entertainment and travel requests, other reimbursements, printing and parking permits.
    • Approve all EMN room reservation requests
    • Distribution of all unit keys and FOBs (by appointment)
  • Administrative Officer

    Estella Davalos / Contact: or x25904 / LSP 2930


    • Department Safety Officer
      • Covid-19 information
      • EH&S liaison
      • Lab Training issues (lab safety fundamentals, chemical hygiene, sexual harassment, etc.)
      • Safety, Incident & Injury reporting, space/lab emergency issues
    • Submits facility trouble tickets and work order requests
      • For problems such as lights, plumbing, or other building maintenance. 
    • Manage mandatory training requirements
    • Space updates and requests (graduate students, postdocs, staff, etc.)
    • Summer Sessions teaching
    • Website updates
    • Microcomputer support and telecommunication assistance
    • Lab and office space renovations and furniture purchases
  • Contracts & Grants / Finance Team

    Guille Vallejo, Financial Operations Manager / Contact: or x22965 / LSP 2725


    • Supervisor for Financial Operations for EMN Unit and back-up for their areas.
    • Responsible for Contracts and Grants for the Natural Reserve System including proposals and ongoing managing of awards.
    • Responsible for monthly statements for the Natural Reserve.
    • Department SAA.
    • Back-up to Sherice (FAO) and in charge for all EMN business in her absence.
    • Manage fiscal close and ensure all finances are in balance.


    Financial Team:

    Paige Mejia

    Contracts & Grants Analyst 3

    Maggie Tello

    Financial Analyst & Interim Contracts & Grants Analyst 3

    Sophia Jurisch

    Contracts & Grants Analyst 2

    Silvana Payne

    Financial Analyst 2

    Contact: x25935 / LSP 2725 Contact: or x22282 / LSP 2730 Contact: or x25859 / LSP 2835 Contact: or x26043 / LSP 2720


    Contracts & Grants Duties: Financial Analyst Duties:  
    • Proposals and ongoing managing of PI funds
    • Produce monthly statements for PIs
    • Monthly financial ledger reconciliation
    • Vehicle Inventory and Purchasing Card
    • Administrator (ProCard) and transfers
    • Utility billing management
    • Gift processing & misc. deposits
    • Web Recharge for Stem Core Center/Imaging Core
    PI & Analyst List


  • List of PI to Analyst
  • NRS Administrative Officer

    Heather Constable / Contact: or x24931 / LSP 2925


    • Monitor NRS capital projects with on-campus constituents
    • Facilitate operations in support of the NRS mission in conjunction with the Reserve Directors and Faculty Director
    • Monitor grant opportunities relevant to the NRS
    • Acts as a safety coordinator and aids in the development of NRS budgets
  • Biology Shop

    Laurie Graham, Lab Machinist / Contact: or x22117 / SPTH 0312


    • Constructs, redesigns and repairs mechanical, electronic and refrigeration equipment for teaching and research on a recharge basis.
    • Contact for any equipment or mechanical problems.
  • Lab Prep Team

    Lab Prep Team:


    Jon Allen, Lab Prep Supervisor /

    Xin xia Li, Lab Prep SRA /


    Lab Assistants:



    • Set-up and take down of Teaching laboratories
    • Assistance with instructing personnel on autoclave use (Spieth) and request service/repair on autoclaves
    • Manage short term loan of lab equipment, use of teaching labs outside of scheduled classes, and submit trouble tickets
    • Primary receiving of purchased goods
  • Academic Personnel Service Unit (APSU)

    MCSB Analyst: Tavia Rivera / Contact: or x23997

    EEOB Analyst: Marie Good  / Contact: or x24228

    • Responsible for all Merit and Promotion files for Faculty in EMN Unit.


    MCSB & EEOB Assistant: Troy Hall / Contact: or x23423

    • Processes all non-senate academic appointments.
  • HARVEST Non-Academic Payroll/Personnel Unit (NAPSU)

    NAPSU PodD Email:

    Sandra Burroughs / Contact: or x24367

    • Responsible for Staff recruitments, lay-offs and other HR related duties.


    Jay Nguyen / Contact: or x24893

    • Processes Payroll/Personnel transactions for Faculty, Staff, and Student appointments in the EMN Unit.
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