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UC Riverside encourages the development of an environment conducive to the intellectual and personal development of all University community members, while increasing awareness about alcohol issues. The campus allows alcohol at specific events hosted by specific organizations that adhere to the UCR Alcohol Policy

This policy governs consumption of alcoholic beverages for events on the University premises and off premises when under the administration of the University of California, Riverside. In every instance where alcohol consumption is permitted, the individuals and organizations involved are responsible for compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, this policy, and other applicable University regulations. All events serving and/or selling alcoholic beverages require that an alcohol permit request be filed with Risk Management at least 20 business days prior to the event: Campus Policy No. 700-60. If you are not already an authorized user to the alcohol permit request site, please email

We highly recommend using Citrus Grove Catering UCR's campus catering company which has approved eTIPS certified bar stewards. If you are interested in attaining a temporary license, please view and ABC License Application Instructions and ABC License Application.

Catering Services

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Food Permits

All UCR students, faculty, staff, and affiliates must obtain a Temporary Food Permit whenever food or beverage is distributed or sold to the public on campus. We regulate the food or beverage given out or sold at community events on campus to protect health, prevent disease, and promote healthy practices among the public. Please note: Apply for a Food Permit at least 7 Business Days in advance from Environmental Health & Safety. Learn more about Food Permit Request (link TBA).

Please visit Risk Managment for more information on Alcohol Permits.

Contracts and Grants and State Funds cannot be used for alchol. Please email for funding questions.

EMN Alcohol Permit Request

Please contact if you have any questions, thank you.

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